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10 healthy lifestyle tips for people in their late 20s


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Source: Harvard University

Being in your 20s puts quite a lot of pressure on you. You’re expected to sort out your career, your love life, and you also must take care of your aging parents. With so much going on, it’s imperative to devote proper time and attention to your health as well. So many of 20-somethings hustle it out like anything, keeping their health at the back burner. Avoid that and prioritize a healthy body as much as you prioritize a blooming career or a loving relationship. Here are 10 healthy lifestyle tips for people in their late 20s to do just that:


1. Eat a healthy diet

With so many options to eat around you all the time, it becomes especially difficult to stay away from junk food. Try resisting that temptation, as a healthy diet is crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Gorge on fruits and vegetables, limit processed and fast food and include grains, low-fat dairy products, and lean protein in your diet.


2. Stay active

The 20s can be the most physically exerting life period, as well. You’re pulling out all-nighters for group studies or simply reveling in a fun night out. Balance that with a workout regime that you enjoy. Experiment, learn and then adopt. Regular physical activity is a great way to lose weight, keep lifestyle-related diseases at bay and improving mental health as well.

Source: Banner Health

3.  Regularly monitor your weight

Your 20s is the best time to shed off those extra kilos you might have put on. It’s easier to let go of 3-4 kilos, than losing 10-15 kilos at once. Get yourself a weighing scale, keep it in your bathroom or use the one at your gym. Don’t obsess over your weight but remain sane and healthy by being mindful of a healthy body.


4. Give up the cigarette butt

Smoking is linked to several serious health problems including cancer. It’s highly addictive and can throw your fitness regime off-track. More importantly, opposed to common perception, it doesn’t make you look attractive or sexy. It’s a great idea to give up smoking for the sake of a healthy body and an addiction-free lifestyle.


5. Focus on your body’s foundation

Your bone density almost reaches its full capacity by the time you’re in your 20s. Now, is the time to take necessary steps to ramp it up or maintain it at its current level. To get that done, your daily calcium intake should be about 1000 mg of calcium. Go for calcium-rich foods like yogurt, cheese, tofu, beans, and leafy greens. Strengthen your bones with the help of weight-bearing exercises, and work on your knees to build strong calf muscles and quadriceps.

Source: Popsugar Australia

6. Try your hands in cooking

Cooking is a critical life skill that will help you save money and eat healthily. Learning to cook can help you hit two birds with a single stone. Learn new, healthy recipes that fulfill your nutritional requirements and satiate your taste buds. Experiment with herbs and spices and adapt your cooking style to your body needs to ensure a healthy lifestyle.


7. Drive safe

It is probable that you’ve learned driving very recently. To exercise due caution, when you’re driving, is extremely important as road accidents can prove fatal. There is also a danger of imposition of steep fines if you’re not following traffic rules diligently. Always wear your seat belt, do not use your cellphone while you’re behind the wheel, and never ever drive under the influence of alcohol.


8. Take care of your skin

Your skin ages with you. The natural process of skin aging can’t be avoided; however, it can be delayed by adopting healthy habits, a balanced diet, and a holistic skincare routine. Follow a three-pronged skincare regimen that encompasses protection, cleansing, and exfoliation. Whenever you’re heading out, apply sunscreen to neutralize the harmful effects of exposure to the sun.

Source: Clarins

9. Reduce your intake of sugar

High sugar intakes are directly linked to diabetes and obesity. Three easy ways to cut down on sugar intake can be – (i) Avoiding sugared drinks, (ii) cutting down on foods that contain added amount of sugar, and, (iii) letting go of sugar in home-cooked food. Sugar consists of “empty calories” and doesn’t contribute to any necessary nutritional requirements.


10. Do not compromise on your sleep

Most young adults ignore a healthy sleep routine. That’s one thing on the bottom of their priority list.  Several studies have confirmed that adequate sleep is important at every age to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While you’re traversing through your 20s, you might be spending a slew of sleepless nights, thanks to, a hectic schedule, but it’s important to balance that with robust rest time.  



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