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10 books you should read to become a successful entrepreneur


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“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” 
― Mark Twain

A good book can give you a reason to believe in the goodness of human race or contemplate over the materialistic instincts of your fellow mortals. It can even go as far as pushing your lazy posterior to some much needed action.

A number of successful personalities in varied spheres of life are said to be voracious readers. Often times, they have even attributed their achievements to a life-changing book.

If turning around your life for good is part of your plan, then starting off with a kickass book can never be a bad idea. There are many books which have been interwoven by some brilliant minds who happen to share their expertise in a hope that the same could be picked up by budding entrepreneurs. So, here are the 10 must-reads for entrepreneurs which will help them amalgamate the sense of self-development and best business practises,  

All In One

 1. All In by Bill Green

 The book provides a sense of motivation as the author has inked his own life experiences on the pages which helps the reader to understand the essence of realism and practicality. Bill Green has used his own impressive business achievements and has shared 101 key insights which he has gathered over in his 40-year business career.

It provides a glimpse of the two poles: struggle and achievement.



2. Disrupted by Dan Layons

 This piece by Layons is all about transition and how one meddled from one stream to another. Layon, who is a middle-aged journalist switched his job from a popular magazine to a startup called Hubspot. The book deals with his journey to an all new world where he builds his own space and ends up as writing his own success story.

 tools of titans

3. Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

 The impeccable work by Ferriss  includes a spectrum of life experiences especially the years and years of interview notes compiled. It teaches the three important aspects: health, wealth and wisdom.



4. Unshakeable by Tony Robbins

In a bid to be a successful entrepreneur one must also possess the knowledge of the financial market and its working. The book is a perfect blend of the same. It scrutinizes the current financial conditions and even links the facts and figures which provides a clear window of understanding to the reader. Moreover, the historical facts have been linked to the present day market which gives a better understanding of the working of the market. In short, the masterstroke played by Robbins is plausible and a must read as the author also takes you to the real life experiences as well as provides tips on inner peace.


Benjamin Franklin

5. Benjamin Franklin: An American Life by Walter Isaacson

This inspiring book is based on the life of Ben Franklin and it encircles different aspects of life which one needs to acknowledge to be a good entrepreneur. It teaches that if one really wants to learn something, he will find the way. Entrepreneurship is largely about innovation and deliberate practice and this is what the book teaches.



6. Grit by Angela Duckworth

 What is the spirit of entrepreneurship? It is the ‘gritty’ blend of passion and persistence. The author includes all the age groups in the book like parents, students, educators, business people and tells them that talent is not enough to achieve success but rather a focused persistence called grit is important.



7. Pivot by Jenny Blake

The book by Blake tells us how to cover the weaknesses and survive as a startup. It further guides so as to how to execute small experiments and measure the pros and cons of the same.


Be Obsessed or Be Average

8. Be Obsessed Or Be Average by Grant Cardone

“You either demand that it happens, or it won’t happen at all”

This is the message that Cardone passes to the aspiring entrepreneurs through his book. According to him, in order to achieve success one needs to set the big goals and reach for them day and night. One also needs to leverage money instead of frivolously spending it.


Meetings Suck

9. Meetings Suck by Cameron Herold

The book is unique in its own way as it deals with a very different topic yet something common which we all face. In his book, Cameron, showcases the importance of business meetings which generally people tend to equalize it as a boring task. He elaborates the importance of focusing on soft skills and how to further use it effectively, especially during meetings where you can make people feel empowered.

Top of Mind

10. Top of Mind by John Hall

John Hall, in his book ‘Top of Mind’ gives an insight on the customer’s needs. The book is full of tactics which sheds light upon the change in the needs of the customers. The key point lies in the ways to use digital content.  



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