The Entire Nation Is Rejoicing At The Wedding Of Virat & Anushka


Are they or aren’t they? This question has been buzzing in every mind for a couple of days now. The entire nation has been wanting to see our dear captain Virat Kohli and charming Anushka Sharma getting hitched. Because we cannot simply stop gushing about the fact that they are truly and madly in love with each other and have never shied away from confessing the same. When they flew to Italy with all their family members, the news of their wedding being on the cards got almost confirmed. And whether we admit it or not, we all secretly wished this rumor to be true and prayed constantly.

The evening of Monday finally brought what the entire nation was hoping, the duo themselves confirmed their wedding on their social media accounts along with the pictures that are adorable beyond any description. And with this, just like all of us, the celebrities and colleagues just start pouring their good wishes and congratulations.

Well, we are all still soaking the best news of the year in it, and it will take some time. Our happy tears are not just ready to stop. While we will go in the corner and cry, we wish with all our hearts this amazing power couple the lifetime happiness and laughter.



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