Simran Movie Review: Some People Succeed In Bluffing The Biggest Bluff That Is Life
Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

“Every publicity is a good publicity”, whether intentionally done or not but Kangana garnered great attention from her old fans and made countless new with her latest bold interviews baring it all. But when it comes to cinema, she has already made a niche for herself in the industry where such publicity is least required, by picking up strong content-oriented movies and portraying powerful characters from Rani of Queen to Tanuja Trivedi of Tanu Weds Manu. Just as she cannot be intimidated by so-called rulers of the industry, her character in movies always speaks for itself loudly. And this time, she is here with her next flick Simran, right ahead of which she took the internet and the whole world of Bollywood by storm with her brazen confrontations.

As Kangana states she is better off without the big heroes, she is also capable of proving that she can carry a film solely on her shoulders that’s why whenever there emerges a story like that, she is the first choice of talented directors. Simran is same in line with a female protagonist and you won’t even realize the absence of a male superstar till the very end. Simran is a girl who never frets over her future nor mulls over her past in spite of constantly being weighed down by the cruel life and its responsibilities. She is always ready to do whatever it takes to keep moving on and never surrenders before life situations no matter what. Amid all the difficulties, she tries to enjoy every moment and is driven by a constant zeal towards life.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

A simple girl Simran who has a Gujarati family in Atlanta and works in the housekeeping department of a hotel always finds a way out of a tricky situation, but she sometimes also gets caught deeper or more badly while escape becomes tough. This journey of Simran’s crazy adventures in a quest of a normal happy life evokes all types of emotions at once, while you will laugh at her silly actions, you will deeply sympathize for her unadulterated innocence. She is the type of girl that goes to rob a bank but when a manager starts gasping for a breath out of fear, she also rushes to offer him a glass of water. Simran doesn’t expect big from life, she just wants to be happily herself.

Apart from just a few comparatively slow moments, the entire movie is full of fun and laughter. There are a couple of cheerful moments that are the life of the movie. Hansal Mehta has done a great job with the climax and it is not like the same old repeated Bollywood culminations. Be ready for the surprise and be a part of Simran’s crazy journey of life which you are absolutely going to love.



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