Love has different meanings but the feeling is exactly the same

Love is the most beautiful thing to happen. And knowingly or unknowingly, it does happen to each one of us at some stage or the other. However, with each stage of life, the meaning of love differs; with love presenting itself in a form most essential for the fulfillment of the emotional needs pertaining to that age and stage of life.

For instance, at an innocent age of five, love can be felt or expressed with a bar of chocolate while at a tender age of thirteen love means exchanging meaningful glances & crossing each other’s ways on some pretext or the other and in teens one gets heady with love and is dying to plant a peck on his crush’s cheek and hold her hands discreetly.

Blossoming into a young adult one is swept away by a strong sense of freedom & a stronger desire to explore the unexplored. One sways with the undercurrents of the adrenaline-charged feeling of being head over heels in love and all he can think of night & day is his beloved.

As one matures and deems himself ripened enough to call for the wedding bells to ring, he experiences passionate love with a burning desire to spend his life with that special someone and have her by his side forever to share his joys and sorrows with.



A few years down the marriage lane with the responsibilities and job pressures mounting on one, love appears in the form of an understanding spouse, a lending hand, mutual compromises, shared responsibilities and even a caring cup of tea.

Later with the arrival of children on the scene, life is both beautiful and demanding, where each member of the marriage finds love in the encouragement and support from the partner who himself is striving to be a perfect parent and do everything right for the child. As fly past the years in a flash and one suddenly finds himself facing the middle-age crisis, what comes to his rescue is the unconditional love & support of the spouse and their determination to make it work together despite all odds.

Facing together bravely the challenges presented by life as a couple steps into the age of the silvers, love transforms into a wonderful companionship with long-standing memories to relive and oodles of caring and concern for each other.

No matter what cloak does love come camouflaged in, it touches and mesmerizes a person like nothing else can! It not only provides a sense of serenity, contentment, and happiness but also imparts an enigmatic strength to sail through the ebb and flow of life and come out stronger from all the blues.

Indeed love has a different meaning at each stage of life but that is exactly what makes life more delightful and meaningful.



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