Just 5 Points To Help You Decide Whether You Should Be Watching Judwaa 2 Or Rather Be Enjoying At Home This Dussehra Weekend

There is no difficulty in guessing what a conversation amid the cast and crew of Judwaa 2 looked like when they were devising the basic plan of the film. Varun Dhawan will do anything to be called a star. No worries, he has got a director father. Similarly is with Jacqueline Fernandez – just a wish to have a share on screen in any film. Her physical beauty gets her that without any problem. Now, it comes to Taapsee Pannu who wanted a slight deviation from the routine movies and indulge in some comic appearance. So, she also found a great chance in Judwaa 2. Now, who needs logic and who knows what comedy is and the film is prepared. It is rocking the big screen on theaters this Dussehra weekend with no other major competitor. Undoubtedly, it is going to do good in terms of business and people will flock to theaters to have some fun in this holiday season. But, is it actually worth your time? Should you really go and watch or simply sit at home and enjoy this festive time with friends and family? Here are just five points to help you decide whether it is worth your money or not.

Where Is That Thing Named Comedy? The first thing you must be looking forward to is the comedy. It is very difficult for the comedy to come out of the dialogues and acting, it struggles to make its way to your face. Cheap and cliched punchlines and utterly sexist scenes! If you find it funny that the hero smacks a random girl’s butt that he sees in a mall, then it is a good movie for you.  

Story – A Patchy Road: If the story is 2 lines, the movie is 200 lines. It is the reboot of the original Judwaa and there is not much change in the storyline except for the little details. Two identical twins who even feel the same reflexes in their bodies were separated at the time of the birth. Then down the line after over twenty years, the destiny brings them at the same place and it is all chaos and confusion for close relatives and respective girlfriends because they look exactly same. The number of extra moments and scenes is way too extra here.

Songs – A Badly Cooked Dish: For movies based on superficial comedy, songs are a deciding factor. A long before the movie comes to cinemas, they create a buzz that also draws the audience to watch the film. In Judwaa 2, songs seem and sound misplaced. You can’t expect the lyrics to make sense but beyond that, they sound extremely absurd. Music and dance don’t help either.

Acting – There Is A Hint: Varun Dhawan tries hard to fit in the shoes of Salman, the shoes that are designed only for Sallu Bhai that no one even desires to fill. He does a fairly good job for that structure. Heroines are, as intended for the ornamental purpose. While this role suits Jacqueline correctly, Taapsee is underutilized but she is doing Judwaa 2, so she was aware and lent her acting deliberately. In spite of established comedy actors Anupam Kher, Johnny Lever and Rajpal Yadav, the film doesn’t weigh. At one point, instead of being light, it becomes heavy and then hard to bear with further.  

Justice: The movie is definitely not worth your time or money until you don’t mind getting indulged in some comic crap once in awhile.



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