Ghoomar Song: Bhansali’s Rani Padmawati Is Ever So Graceful In The First Dance Number

Ghoomar is Rajasthan’s ages old traditional folk dance that is also ranked 4th in the list of world’s top local dances. With the new release of Padmavati’s first video song, the rich cultural heritage of grand Rajasthan came alive on screen. Deepika clad in the stunning regal attire from head to toe is just impeccable and a vision to behold just like her stunning twirling movements that are the pivot part of this famous folk dance.

Set in the majestic background of lofty fort indoors, the song spells magic throughout. By looking at the flawless setup, attires and minute details on traditions, it seems that a heavy amount of research is behind this outstanding song that has earned the immense appreciation of fans in just 24 hours including those belonging from Rajasthan itself. This dazzling music video has left us even more impatient for this period drama which is one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year. And there is no doubt that this number is going to be the top choice for all the Ghoomar performances from now on.  Watch the video here –



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