Four Fun And Exciting Ways You Can Celebrate Diwali Without Bursting Crackers

With each passing day, our environment is becoming more unlivable. From small human activities to large-scale industries, everyone and everything has a fair share in the pollution caused to nature. If we won’t rise from our stable places now, the situation which is already out of control will be extremely unmanageable. In the same direction, keeping last year’s smog that arose right after the Diwali night, the supreme court declared to impose a ban on crackers in Delhi-NCR which evoked a mixed reaction. Crackers are a big cause of pollution and must be avoided by all. But it doesn’t mean that your Diwali will be devoid of lights and bling. There are many fun ways that will bring a twist and enjoyment to an already lively festival. So, pull your friends and family into using these ways to have an amazing time this Diwali.

Think Different, Choose To Travel: You must have spent almost all your Diwali festivals at home since childhood. While you haven’t thought of traveling on the occasion, it might not be the worst idea. There are many unusual places to be in Diwali for a memorable experience. One such place is Purushwadi a small village located on Mumbai-Nashik highway that celebrates Diwali keeping its ancient traditions intact. The locals gather at one place around a bonfire and relish local food together. The allure manifolds when the locals sing their cultural songs and the vibes around makes for an experience to behold.

Recreate Memories: Memories are that is left of the beautiful moments we spend with our loved ones at different walks of life. You can organize a fun activity to revisit the old memories. Gather your cousins and sweet friends to create childhood pictures by dressing up in crazy ways. You will have an extremely fun time and that’s a guarantee with this cool idea.

Attend A Cultural Event: Diwali is also a prominent time for different heritage and cultural events taking place around your town. You can immerse yourself delightfully in the combination of traditions and auspiciousness. Amid a crowd of hundreds of people belonging from different cultures, you will completely forget about your own and will feel only the harmony and peace of unity.

Make A Bucket-list: Bucket lists and resolutions are often made on the arrival of a new year. What can be quite thoughtful is making one on Diwali. You can sit back and give yourself some time to analyze things and milestones to want to own and achieve by the next Diwali. Write them down on a paper and your mind will already start devising plans to fulfill all those wishes. Exactly a fun and meaningful thing to do at the same time.




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