Follow these tips to detox yourself and get back in shape after festive bingeing


Indisputably, Diwali is one time in a year when we all let down our guard, let loose our hair and soak in the spirit of the festivities unabashedly. However, as the celebrations die down, after weeks of preparation and revelries, we are left high and dry with abrupt weight gain and inches around our waist, both of which appear to have accumulated overnight.

Much as we would love the merriment to go on and on forever, it better not for the sake of our girths and fitness! Having rejoiced in the glory of this grand festival and having enjoyed thoroughly & unapologetically while it lasted; now it is time to get back into the fitness mode and get back in shape before it gets too late.

Here, at HootSoot, we recommend a few ways to detox yourself and get back in shape after festive bingeing.

Cut out all the sweets, alcohol, and junk from your diet

This goes without saying as unless you cut out the actual culprits not much can be achieved no matter what!

Start your day with fresh lime juice

A glass of warm water with fresh lime juice is a perfect start to the day as it not only gives a kick-start to the bile-producing liver, accelerating digestion but also provides the much needed Vitamin-C and a good dose of antioxidants.

Have a protein-rich breakfast

Eating a protein and fiber-rich breakfast gives a feeling of fullness, provides digestion-aiding fiber and a good amount of nutrients to keep going without a craving to binge.

Snack on fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables make a perfect and delicious snack when on a fitness regime. They offer most of the essential vitamins and minerals required for repairs & regenerations of the organs and efficient working of the digestive system.

Have a filling but healthy lunch

Eat a filling lunch consisting of a healthy & tasty salad, steamed & exotically seasoned vegetables and a bowlful of boiled rice which shall provide the essential nutrients and energy while curbing off your desire to go on an eating spree.

Add at least a bowl of fresh yogurt to your daily diet



Yoghurt is rich in probiotics and is one of the best foods for enhancing digestion.

Replace your dinner with a healthy heavenly wintery soup

Soup is filling, nutritious and scrumptious. Ditch a heavy starch-laden meal for an aromatic vegetable soup and shoo away the bloating tummy.

Squeeze in a minimum of 30-min a day of any physical activity you enjoy

Walk, jog, dance or perform yogasana. Do what you enjoy the most but yes do move! These few minutes a day will make all the difference to your sense of well-being and shake off that recently put-on fat off you.

Sip green or herbal tea

Rich in antioxidants, green or herbal tea is not just refreshing and rejuvenating but also the In-thing! Make your own style statement by choosing one of the various exotic flavours and brand options!

Up your intake of water

Water! Not enough can be said about its benefits! So, simply up your intake of this natural elixir and you will notice its marvels in weeks to come!



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