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    Coffee in a row
    10 funny reasons coffee lovers make to sip a cuppa

    There is nothing to beat the heavenly aroma of a freshly brewed rich, warm cuppa coffee. Coffee not just awakens senses but also heightens mood and provides a long-lasting feeling of vivacity and vitality. On this International Coffee Day, we bring you a few reasons coffee lovers make to sip a cuppa coffee every now […]

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    Insects came crawling out of Domino’s Pizza’s seasoning sachet

    We have always loved our Pizzas selflessly. And the one thing which has been an integral part of every slice of Pizza is seasonings. Oregano or chili flakes, it is a ritual to sprinkle some over the surface of freshly baked Pizza to have the perfect rush of flavors. But this video will change all your feelings about […]

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    Can eating cheese change human skull?

    According to a new research, the advent of farming, especially dairy products, had a significant effect on the shape of human skulls. According to the study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the effect of agriculture on skull morphology was greatest in populations consuming the softest food – cheese. A […]

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    Zurich in Switzerland is the home to world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant

    To find a vegetarian restaurant in central Europe, is nothing more than a pleasant surprise for the vegetarian tourists. And to find a world class multi cuisine vegetarian restaurant with hundreds of dishes would be a gourmet’s delight. Zurich in Switzerland has the world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant. The Hiltl restaurant was established in 1898 and […]

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    This drink made a very big hole in the stomach of a Delhi man

    Ever heard of such a lethal drink that leaves a hole in your stomach? This is what happened with 30-year-old Delhi man who ordered a cocktail at a bar. The cocktail that he ordered had white smoke flowing through it. He gulped it down in one shot, not realizing that he was supposed to wait […]

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