By Looking At This Interview Of Zaira Wasim, Calling Her The Future Megastar Will Be An Understatement

However we criticize the film actors for their off-screen issues, the reality that the kind of efforts and hard work they put into their work is not easy, remains intact. While they enjoy supreme privilege and luxurious lifestyle, they have to give up countless things in life that matter a lot. Some of them start working at a very young age and their life is even tougher. But at the end of the day, who are passionate would never want to exchange their profession for anything.

Zaira Wasim has seen it all at an age of only sixteen. She tasted stardom after her first film with superstar Amir Khan and also got to witness the severe criticism that actors generally have to undergo, for being a Kashmiri. She is starring in Amir’s next production Secret Superstar which is due to release on 19th October this Diwali. From her first to the second project, she grew up to a completely mature, confident and poised actor. In her recent interview with Anupama Chopra, she reflected such ease and candor of thoughts that is seen only in seasoned actors.

For such a young age, she introspects and doesn’t consider the numerous compliments given to her because she thinks she is not there yet to be called utterly talented. She also admits that she doesn’t have a plan for future and sometimes she just asks herself what she is doing and heading. By taking up roles of strong characters, she has also learned that getting in the shoes of a completely different personality is not easy at all and can also be emotionally challenging. Sense a superstar in her already? Yes, by looking at the depth of a perspective that she talks with, calling her the future superstar might be an understatement. Watch the interview yourself.




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